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Month: November 2016

DeWitt Academia Grand Tourbillon Series Hollow Out Replica Watches For Sale

Recently, while in Geneva, Switzerland, I had the opportunity to visit “manufacture DeWitt replica watches for sale,” an impressive and resolutely niche high-end watch maker who produces almost everything themselves and is owned by Mr. Jerome DeWitt – whose family tree includes Napoleon Bonaparte. Jerome himself is a humble man whose main passions in life include mechanical things. One of the most impressive parts of the manufacture is his own personal collection of ancient machines (his “mechanical museum,” if you will). Jerome has the soul of an artist who is deeply interested in mechanics and the visual celebration thereof. It is actually his wife – who is currently in a directorial role at the company – that brought DeWitt back from some of its financial issues. Together, the dynamic DeWitt duo has strengthened the brand to make it the company of today that I really admire – a unique brand, whose timepieces all have something interesting to say (regardless of whether or not you like that statement).


Hollow out replica DeWitt watches for sale.

As boutique as the brand is (well they aren’t that boutique, given the size of the place) an impressive number of new timepieces and movements are being produced at DeWitt on a regular basis. A great example of their technical and visual strength is a timepiece collection such as this DeWitt Academia Grand Tourbillon watch, which are new DeWitt hollow out fake watches for 2015. It combines a skeletonized in-house-made tourbillon movement, a regulator style display, as well as jumping indicators for the hours and minutes. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then I’ve included a short video I posted of the DeWitt Academia Grand Tourbillon watch that demonstrates how the hands move in “jumping steps” versus in a sweeping motion as on most other watches.


DeWitt Academia Grand Tourbillon fale watch.

What makes this jumping hours and minutes system so relevant on a regulator-style display (where the hours, minutes, and seconds are each indicated on their own separate dial) is that, historically, these types of layouts were used on the most precise clocks (which were called regulator clocks). The name is based on the fact that the clocks were used to “regulate” the time of other clocks. Many of these had “dead seconds” hands which ticked versus sweeping for a more precise ability to read the time. While I don’t know if this is a novel concept (I sort of doubt that it entirely is) DeWitt has adopted the ticking concept of a dead seconds hand to the hours and minute hands. I find the concept interesting both technically and emotionally as the concept very much fits into the notion of idealized mechanical indication of the time.
In the gallery at the end of the article, you’ll find a few images from DeWitt as well as additional images I took of the DeWitt Academia Grand Tourbillon. I included those images to illustrate how there is a bit of a fashionable element to the collection, as well as that the 18k rose gold case DeWitt copy watches with their “imperial column” sides have dials accented in black, blue, and, remarkably, also green. The latter is an interesting option for sure. Like many other DeWitt watches, the DeWitt Academia Grand Tourbillon wears prodigiously at 46mm wide, but only 11.90mm thick. The new motto of the brand is “Heirs of Napoleon,” which should be an indicator to you that nothing about what DeWitt is trying to do attempts to be “discreet.” Which, for some people (or moods), is an excellent thing.

Grand Seiko SBGX089 Series Black Dial Quartz Movement Replica Stainless Steel Case Watches

When the Grand Seiko SBGX089 series replica watches, SBGX091, and SBGX093 collection of watches was released in around 2012, the first of those models – the SBGX089 – was a limited edition of 500 pieces with a yellow hand and some different colors on the black dial. Seiko produced this “enthusiasts’ version” of its new “Milgauss homage” as a testament to classic “engineers watches,” like the Rolex Milgauss, IWC Ingeniuer, etc. Concurrently with these quartz models, Seiko also released the Grand Seiko SBGR077 and SBGR079 watches that are similar-looking but contain mechanical movements. Today, I review the SBGX093 version of this “Grand Seiko Magnetic Resistant Quartz” watch.


Black case replica Seiko watches for sale.

High-end quartz love is still a minority passion among timepiece collectors, but I proudly include myself amongst those who have a soft spot for well-made stainless steel case Seiko watches with well-made quartz movements inside of them. Over the last few years, I have become increasingly interested in the best-made quartz timepieces, and I have wondered why. Even as I began my foray into high-end timepieces, I always retained a soft spot for quartz watches, I just shunned those that felt cheap inside and out. It is perhaps the advent of the smartwatch that has created a sort of nostalgia in me for good-quality “independent” quartz watches. A leader of such timepieces is easily anything with Seiko’s impeccable 9F family of quartz movements that are designed to go 50 years between service intervals and come in a sealed container within the watch.


Grand Seiko fake watches for sale.

There is a lot to say about this deceptively simple time-only quartz movement Seiko replica watches. In fact, one reason the 9F family of Grand Seiko watches is so beloved is the fact that they lack anything extra on the dial – namely a date window. Watch nerds in general have lashed out against the date window lately, objecting to its added functionality as a less-than-convincing reason to destroy visual symmetry on the dial. The biggest ally of date windows on a watch is the oft referenced fact (at least historically) that, in a retail environment, watches with a date window complication sell better than watches without the date. With that said, watch makers need to carefully decide where specific watch models will sell better: in the “normal” retail environment, or among potentially more sophisticated collectors who obsess a bit more over design?
It is hard to deny that the lack of date window on the SBGX series of Grand Seiko watches helps the range look clean and elegant – often in a more superior way, even when compared to other Grand Seiko timepieces. This hybrid dressy/sporty SBGX093 manages to look classy and smoothly elegant as a Euro-style seductress from the Far East.

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