In 1993, Omega Seamaster 300 M achieved great success once it was released. With the distinctive design and extraordinary performance, the Omega had been favored by lots of watch lovers, meanwhile, the popular replica Omega watch had been quickly adopted by many professional divers, athletes and researchers, even the well-known agent movie chose this model as the protagonist’s wrist timepiece. Omega Seamaster 300 M has ever experienced many important historic moments, creating an extraordinary legendary journey of this model.

The famous diver from France wore this Seamaster 300 M to win the race and create a new world's record.

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In 1993, Roland Specker dived to a depth of 80 meters under the water in Lake Neuchatel, creating the world’s record of free diving. The watch he wore was just the Omega Seamaster knockoff watch with black dial, successfully verified the excellent waterproofness of this model in the real environment of deep water. So in 1994, it was chosen as the best watch of the year by the magazine “Armbanduhren”.

Omega bulit a close relationship between the users and the Omega Seamaster 300 M model.

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In 1995, under the leadership of the legendary Sir Peter Blake, the New Zealand Emirates Team won the American’s Cup. The wristwatches that the players wore were just Seamaster 300 M Diver watches and then Omega built a profound relationship with the sailing race. In 1995, James Bond wore the Omega in the film “Golden Eye”, starting the long-term partnership between Omega and James Bond series. In 1997, the automatic movement copy watch is not only the choice of divers, but also the choice of other athletes including Alexander Popov, the swimming player and Martina Hingis, the champion of tennis.