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Some initial thoughts on the new luxury fake Omega Speedmaster Super Racing

This cheap fake Omega Speedmaster release was teased on the first Tuesday of January 2023 and in the weeks after. I’ve received many questions and guesses from you guys, and I’ve heard predictions for anything from a new version of the top super clone Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch to a new Dark Side of the Moon or a new Snoopy edition. The most recurring comment, though, was that you thought it would be a 36,000vph / 5Hz movement. though. It is not, but it can provide greater accuracy by using a new hairspring and fine-tuning mechanism on the balance bridge.
What I like about the new perfect replica Omega Speedmaster Super Racing is indeed the racing element. I think Swiss made fake Omega executed this very well with the honeycomb dial, the racing minute track, and the playful use of black and yellow. The dial consists of two layers, including a black DLC upper plate with the honeycomb cut holes and a polished black DLC lower plate. The hands in black and yellow are beautiful as well, especially the chronograph seconds hand with its gradient effect.

The luxury fake Omega Speedmaster is not only associated with space missions but also with cars and racing (click here for an in-depth article on Speedmasters and racing). So in that regard, it makes total sense. I also like the date window at 6 o’clock, with the “10” in the best copy Omega Speedmaster typography. These kinds of small details make it fun and interesting.
The new “Nixon” bracelet is stunning, and there’s little to criticize here as well. I bought an extra one for my AAA replica Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award because I like it so much. The bracelet for the Speedmaster Super Racing tapers from 21mm to 15mm at the clasp. And the clasp has, as you can see above, an easy adjustment system (2.3mm).

The top super clone Omega measures 44.25mm wide, 50mm from lug to lug, and 14.9mm thick. This is not small by any means, but on my 18.5cm wrist, it wears pretty well. I can’t say otherwise. I know the trend these days is towards smaller fake watches online again, and I get that. If you have large(r) wrists, though, you also might want to have a large(r) watch. In general, I’d say it is impossible to make a one-size-fits-all watch, which is also the reason best 1:1 fake Omega’s Speedmaster collection goes from 38mm up to 44.25mm.

Caliber 9920
The new Omega caliber 9920 is visible through the sapphire case back of the watch. It looks like the regular 9900 movement with its Arabesque Côtes de Genève decoration, but on the balance bridge, you will see the regulating mechanism. By using a special key, the watchmaker can fine-tune your Swiss movement fake Omega Speedmaster Super Racing to run between 0 and +2 seconds per day. That’s a big deal when it comes to mechanical watches. Rolex is guaranteeing an accuracy of -2/+2 secons per day on average. Grand Seiko can guarantee -2/+4 seconds per day on average for their mechanical replica watches online (not for all GS movements, though), and Tudor has one watch in its collection that also complies with the Master Chronometer standard of 0/+5 seconds per day on average.

I love the race for greater precision. It feels a bit like the competitions they had in the old days. Striving for the highest accuracy has become less relevant with all the technology surrounding us, but that’s beyond the point. Still, in the end, the most important thing is that the watch needs to look attractive. And the high quality replica Omega Speedmaster Super Racing is, in my opinion, a great-looking watch, despite the caveat that it’s a large watch and thus probably not for everyone.

One thing that seems to be tough to tackle at cheap fake Omega is the water resistance on the Speedmaster watches. For this model, the rating remains at 50 meters (5 ATM) only. Personally, I couldn’t care less as I don’t think this watch is meant to go diving, and this rating is fine for rain, a shower, or even an occasional swim (as confirmed by Omega; just don’t use the pushers or pull the crown). But I strongly believe that Omega replica for men could and would sell more Speedmaster watches if they were water resistant to 100 meters.

The retail price of the watch will be CHF 10,200.

Swiss Made Omega Replica Watches For Sale

Omega: The only long-term relationship James Bond ever had, and it’s easy to see why. No other brand has introduced an entirely new escapement for all their movements, nor have they made anti-magnetism as important as accuracy – a necessity in our modern magnet-filled world. The METAS certification that perfect replica Omega applies to all their watches ensures that they are not only accurate to within -0/+5 seconds a day, but also unaffected by magnetism up to 15,000 gauss. While others have moved slowly to improve, AAA quality fake Omega continuously pushes the boundaries of technology and design. If you want the most modern mechanical watch, Swiss super clone Omega is the obvious choice. Check out these options from the shop.

Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer 43MM
If you are going to make a watch that tracks every major time zone on Earth, you might as well put a picture of the planet on it. Swiss movement replica Omega has certainly spent enough time in space to have an idea of what Earth looks like from above. The map of the northern hemisphere is laser-ablated to create a textured relief. The world time track has GMT time in red, with cities that are an hour ahead of this time in summer painted silver, and those that do not have daylight savings time are marked in blue. On top of the world time complication, the heart of this cheap super clone Omega is a Seamaster Aqua Terra. It’s still METAS certified with 150m of water resistance. So, wherever you end up in your travels, this watch is ready for adventure.

Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Sapphire Crystal On Strap With Caliber 3861
No best 1:1 fake Omega list would be complete without the Speedmaster Professional. The most traditional variation of this model would be with a Hesalite crystal on a metal bracelet, but most of the world has moved on to sapphire crystal. The sapphire version is often nicknamed the “sapphire sandwich” since it also has an exhibition case back that allows you to see the gorgeous caliber 3861 inside. This movement is the newest addition to the high quality replica Omega Speedmaster that adds the Co-Axial escapement and enough anti-magnetism to pass METAS certification trials – which were probably not remotely as difficult as what NASA put this watch through. The best copy Omega Moonwatch also might be the biggest strap monster ever made. It looks good on everything from rubber to flamingo NATO-style straps. Grab one on leather for easy strap changing, and pick up a few new straps while you are at it.

Swiss Replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M XXL Small Seconds Limited Edition

What size watch is right for my wrist? This is one of the first questions someone asks when buying their first fake watch. Unfortunately, the answer is not as straightforward as you might think. How big or small of a watch you prefer is really the first question you should ask yourself. I’ve seen men with larger wrists wearing vintage 34mm pieces that looked great on them and women with small wrists proudly wearing a 55mm AAA replica Omega Ploprof.

The width of the case also doesn’t tell you the whole story. The lug-to-lug measurements are often a better indicator of how much real estate a super clone watch will take up on the wrist. For most, the larger the wrist, the larger the watch they are comfortable wearing. But don’t let anyone tell you what size is best for you. It’s a personal style choice with no hard rules, except one: Wear what you like. With that in mind, here are six pre-owned picks that span the world of watch sizes.

Fake Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M XXL Small Seconds Limited Edition
This 49.2mm beast may have been tagged with the cheap replica Omega Aqua Terra name, but outside some twisted lugs and 150m of water resistance, nothing about this watch screams Aqua Terra. Instead, it shares a case and dimensions with the Railmaster XXL, released a few years before the top quality fake watches. The name certainly does live up to its XXL, with a lug-to-lug measurement of around 56mm, it takes a confident individual to pull this watch off.

If you’re up for that challenge, you will be rewarded with one of the largest white enamel dials to have been placed on a wristwatch. The milky white enamel dial is paired with Breguet numerals, a combination that has been used for over 200 years since the days of A.L. Breguet himself. The hands are heat-blued with high quality fake Omega‘s own play on the Breguet hand, replacing the circle with a vintage Omega logo. This is all housed in a white gold case, whose size adds a bit of heft to the watch. Overall, it’s a beautiful execution of classic elements, put into a case size that will grab people’s attention. The cherry on the big Swiss movement replica watch sundae is that only 88 of these were made. Arnold S., if you’re reading this, we have the perfect dress super clone watch for you.


This watch is a typical case of “those who know, know” and a discreet introduction by a brand. Often, when something new appears, brands accompany the release with a lot of fanfare and noise. Swiss made replica Omega did the opposite with a watch that we had to discover by ourselves. And the surprise was even sweeter, as this CK 859 Re-Edition is probably the best new 1:1 super clone Omega of the year. Modelled after a classic “Calatrava-styled” model from the 1930s, it’s a great example of the past inspiring the present.

Overall, it’s a modern perfect replica Omega with a case resized to a contemporary 39mm, fitted with an advanced hand-wound Master-Chronometer movement. What matters is the dial and the shape of the case, both packed with retro charm and details that speak to an audience of vintage lovers. The dial is made of solid silver, with a classic sector style and old-school elements on the logo and the hands. And it’s not even a hyped-up, ridiculously overpriced, unobtainable watch, but a nicely priced (at least considering it’s an aaa quality fake Omega), handsome time-only watch that’s numbered but not limited.

Quick facts: 39mm steel coin-edge case – solid silver Ag925 sector dial with blued hands – hand-wound calibre 8926, Master-Chronometer – brown vintage-style leather strap – reference 511.12.309.21.99.002 – numbered edition (not limited) – EUR 6,800

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