The Mikrograph was born in 1916 which became the world’s first batch of wristwatches with the high precision of 1/100 seconds and 1/50 seconds, meanwhile, being protected by 11 patents. These developments brought revolutionary change to the science industry, making Heuer the official timekeeper of the Olympics in 1920, 1924 and 1928. Now TAG Heuer releases the 100th anniversary souvenir edition of this significant imitation watch to pay tribute to the accurate timepiece launched 100 years ago.

It could not only be worn as the wristwatch, but also mounted on the base on the table.

Steel Case Replica TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer fake watch with white lacquer dial puts its crown at 12 o’clock which is the same with the layout of pocket watch. Meanwhile, it can be mounted on an angled table or a base like an old-fashioned dashboard, making it easier to use the complicated function of chronograph.

The precious watch offers greater accuracy and duarbility.

45MM TAG Heuer Mikrograph Knockoff Watch

The blue steel hands add the brilliance to the white dial, meanwhile, providing greater legibility. The lugs with beautiful curve and thin bezel make the white dial more generous and elegant.