For many watches, the “antique” always means the high value. As early as in 2015, TAG Heuer released the selection activity of Autavia, aiming to choose the popular Autavia heritage watches which would be launched in 2017. The public shows the big interest in Autavia and at first circle, there were thousands of watch lovers participating in the activity. From that we know that majority of watch lovers favor the Autavia but the antique models were really difficult to find in the secondary market.

The timepiece will remind you of the original Autavia in old days.

Black Dials TAG Heuer Autavia Fake For Pilots

Autavia is originated from two words: automobile and aviation, which initially represented the dashboard instruments during the period from 1933 to 1957. Many people have related the Autavia to the cars background, but in my mind, it also has close relationship with the aviation. As one of the brand’s important collection, Autavia witnessed the perfect fake TAG Heuer three “first time”.

This timepiece is the old Autavia and the red elements on the black dial are very eye-catching.

Steel Bracelets TAG Heuer Imitation

Autavia is the brand’s first chronograph that had its formal name, which was created by Jack Heuer when he was 30 years old. Secondly, TAG Heuer was the launcher of the world’s first chronograph movement – calibre11, meanwhile, this legendary movement had been used on the steel case copy TAG Heuer Autavia. The first model that used the calibre 11 was the Autavia 1163 MH. Autavia, speed and passion become the eternal memory of young men at that ages.