Few luxury brands can say their watches have been to the moon. Omega is the exception. In fact, the revered Swiss luxury watchmaker’s best US replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches was the very first timepiece to visit the celestial body, on the wrist of US astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Now the brand has reached even further into the depths of space and creativity, and come back with a timepiece that equips future explorers of our solar system’s mysterious red planet with everything they need: the Omega Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer fake watches for sale.

Developed in partnership with the European Space Agency, the futuristic 45mm chronograph draws on the impressive applications of Omega’s previous space-going Speedmaster replica watches for men, 1998’s Skywalker X-33. But this model pushes deep space exploration further, with new features including the ability to track times and time zones on both Mars and Earth alike, by measuring the former’s sol date and time at the prime meridian, and accounting for the fact that a day on Mars is 39 minutes longer than on Earth.

It also features a solar compass that allows the user to locate true north on both planets, and comes with all the features of its predecessor, including Mission Elapsed Time, Phase Elapsed Time, alarms and a perpetual calendar.

The AAA copy Omega Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer watches comes with a black dial, aiding the legibility of its space age digital readout, with a pair of Earth and Mars symbols indicating which functions are in use. It’s surrounded by a particularly eye catching oxalic anodised aluminium bezel, which recalls the colour of Mars itself with its red hematite colour – a hue that also appears, elegantly shading into black, on the second hand.

Powering the perfect replica watches’ numerous functions is the specially developed 5622 Calibre, a thermo-compensated quartz movement. It all comes wrapped in a case of grade 2 titanium, alongside a bracelet in grades 2 and 5 titanium, which can be swapped out for one of the watchmaker’s instantly recognisable, multicoloured Nato straps. In a charming touch, the strap, along with the tool to change it, are part of luxury super clone watches roll that features an image of highly distinctive steep sided Mars canyon Hebes Chasma on its inner lining.