In his recent “A Week On The Wrist,” Ben said he remembered where he was when the Rolex Daytona Le Mans was announced. I had the same experience with the white dial 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster. That’s funny because I generally don’t care about brands announcing new dial colors. But there I was, sitting in a hotel shortly after John Mayer previewed his new Royal Oak to the press, trying to put together our coverage. Then the cheap replica Omega Speedmaster dropped, and it blew up my entire morning.

Sitting in the hotel lobby, eating an overpriced club sandwich, I realized I couldn’t access perfect replica Omega‘s site for press releases, pictures – basically anything I needed for the story. I hadn’t even spent much time looking at that sneak peek from Daniel Craig, but I could tell it had quickly become the most anticipated Speedmaster in years. It wasn’t until I sorted out those issues and wrote the story that the watch clicked. White, sporty, striking – it was the first Omega Speedmaster fake for sale that caught my eye in a while.

This is probably where I’ll take the most heat, but part of why I haven’t thought much about buying an aaa quality fake Omega Speedmaster – or at least a general production black dial “Moonwatch” – is that they all look so much alike. The same thing that’s great about a watch that traces back to (and before) the moon landing – the very gradual and thoughtful generational iteration – is a double-edged sword.

A few weeks ago, I saw people wearing Speedy Pros on two different days. From a distance, I couldn’t tell the references apart. That also meant I couldn’t tell much about why they wore Speedies. I love looking at someone and seeing a four-, five-, or six-digit Rolex and at least having a shot in the dark at guessing if they are collectors, general consumers, a 20-something with a four-digit Rolex they got from their dad, or something else. It also opens up the door to conversations I rarely have over Speedies.

While there have been several high end copy Omega Speedmasters with white dials over the years – and we’ll get to some of those shortly – this is the first regular production (non-limited edition) mainline (Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional) in stainless steel with a white dial. That itself might be hard to believe. Stop by any Swiss movement replica Omega retailer, and you will likely see Speedmasters with white dials, from the “White Side of the Moon” to several “Speedmaster Racing” and other two-counter models. But the Moonwatch is a different beast. An icon. Something that one shouldn’t mess with. There are probably some people who will see March 5, 2024, as the day Omega ruined the Moonwatch with a white dial. However, the fact that high quality fake Omega did the white dial and came up with a watch with this much character breathes a lot of life into the lineup.